have you seen this snail?

SpongeBob SquarePant – Have You Seen This Snail?


SpongeBob is strolling residence with an extremely heavy bag of snail food for Gary, and Patrick tells him that he has something vital to inform him, yet SpongeBob neglects him as well as passes Patrick’s House prior to he can claim it. At his front door, SpongeBob locates a package. He leaves the snail food on the patio as well as opens up the bundle to find a Mermaid Man and also Barnacle Boy paddleball set. SpongeBob starts to have fun with it, and locates the “Dirty Bubble Challenge” inside the box, which presents him with the ridiculously difficult task of hitting the paddleball 29,998,559,671,349 times in a row. He accepts the challenge, as well as continuously attempts it, never having the ability to efficiently strike the ball even as soon as. Meanwhile, Gary goes to his food dish to eat, yet discovers it vacant. He challenges SpongeBob for his food, but SpongeBob is too busied with the paddleball and tosses Gary aside. Really feeling abandoned, Gary deserts SpongeBob, that does not also notice as he leaves. Gary strays throughout the sea aimlessly, ultimately leaving on a bus to parts unidentified.

Sometime later on, Patrick mosts likely to SpongeBob’s House to tell him just what he was going to state, saying that he hasn’t seen him in a number of days. He locates that your house has weakened right into a neglected mess, and also finds a mentally busted SpongeBob depending on fetal position in his personal quarters. SpongeBob tells him that he became by doing this from taking the Dirty Bubble Challenge, as well as Patrick wails at the reference of the challenge, saying that he defeated the obstacle years ago as well as won, however after that he lost the prize they sent. SpongeBob, who has actually currently gotten over the difficulty, invites Patrick into the kitchen area for cookies as well as milk. He gives Patrick a “fresh” glass of milk, as well as trips over Gary’s food bowl. He remembers that he should feed Gary, as well as recovers the bag of food from his deck, remarking that it has collected a lot of dirt for “a pair hours.” When he calls Gary for supper, and when he does not come, SpongeBob asks Patrick how much time he was taking the Dirty Bubble Challenge. Patrick, judging by the problem of the milk, which has actually spoiled to the factor of being entirely strong, tells SpongeBob that he was gone with around 7 to ten days. SpongeBob begins desperately searching for Gary, up until he checks in the mail box, where he locates a note from Gary telling him that he has actually run away searching for a new owner that will certainly bear in mind to feed him. SpongeBob is ravaged by this.

Meanwhile, Gary involves a sleazy and unappealing community, as well as after a close encounter with a gang of alley snails (Who just wanted to give him Nachos), Gary is found by an old woman who recognizes him as “Ms. Tuftsy.” She takes Gary into her residence, where she indulges and overfeeds him. At the same time, SpongeBob frantically looks all over Bikini Bottom for Gary, however to no avail. The following early morning at the workplace, SpongeBob is incredibly depressed and also ineffective, as well as Mr. Krabs tells him that “any problem you have actually can be resolved with a little effort.” SpongeBob translates this as significance that he have to function tougher to find Gary, as well as with newly found self-confidence, leaves the Krusty Krab to proceed his search. He sets up fliers around town that straight say sorry to Gary and also ask him ahead home. They put one on the door of a crafts shop, when Patrick sees that the shop is having a sale on aromatic pine cones, he rushes in to obtain some. Inside, he sees Gary with Grandma, and asks her where the aromatic pine cones are. She tells Patrick that she got every one of them, and Patrick leaves, oblivious to that he has actually located Gary and also not mentioning it to SpongeBob.

This is complied with by a tune set to a mosaic of a sad SpongeBob (together with Patrick) unsuccessfully searching for Gary and publishing media asking him to find house (consisting of a billboard, a television public service announcement, and skywriting). After returning from a day out with his brand-new owner, Gary suggests that has to go to the washroom, and Grandma gives him a pile of fliers given to her by “a plump little kid.” Gary sees that the stack of flyers is from SpongeBob, and also recognizes that he does without a doubt respect him. While Grandma is in the kitchen area getting the meatloaf she had actually been preparing for him, Gary searches for an exit, and comes across a wardrobe full of dead snail shells. Gary recognizes that Grandma is overfeeding him and that may be the factor of all the empty snail shells. Granny chases Gary, as well as now outside, He hides in a back alley, where he comes across among the street snails he met earlier. He presses him into the open, where Grandma thinks him to be her snail and takes him in place of Gary. On the other hand, SpongeBob has quit on trying to find Gary, and desires to see him one last time, when Gary instantly concerns him. SpongeBob guarantees to never overlook him again, and takes him inside to feed Gary, claiming that he has to be “depriving,” unaware of what Gary has been through, which Gary responds with a rejection meow mentioning that he’s full.